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To view and download a manual click on the corresponding device! The manuals are available in English and German.

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iXpress Classic

Aufbügelfolien einfach aufbringen – mit der iXpress Transferpresse von plottiX.


Verschönern Sie mithilfe von Sublimation Ihre Tassen mit tollen Motiven!

iXpress Plus
iXpress Plus Transferpresse
iXpress Plus
iXpress Plus Transferpresse

What is a transfer press?

A transfer press or heat press can be thought of as a large “iron”. With the help of a heat press, you can easily sublimate textiles or press on iron-on films.

Why not use an iron for pressing on?

Irons can be found in every household, but a heat press offers various advantages and comfort for a quick and easy finishing of your textiles. Do you want to work with iron-on foils or sublimation? Then the purchase of a heat press is already worthwhile for the first project.

  • Adjust the temperature settings for optimal results for different materials
  • Adjustable pressing time
  • Smooth and even pressing surface. You will not have problems with steam holesof your iron
  • Multicolor plotting is easier
  • The heat is evenly distributed
  • Manufacturer information on pressing time / temperature is easier to implement
  • Flexible setting of time and temperature saves frustration
  • Fast heating and pressing saves time

Find the right press

Not all presses are the same. In our iXpress series you will find different models.

We have made sure that each press meets different requirements. The presses differ not only in size or price.

We are happy to help you find the right press.

There are also separately available accessories that facilitate the work with iron-on films. You can find our complete range of heat presses here.

Entdecken Sie das kreative Sortiment von plottiX!
Aufbügelfolien einfach aufbringen – mit der iXpress Transferpresse von plottiX.

iXpress Classic

iXpress Plus Transferpresse

iXpress Plus

iXpress Pro Transferpresse

iXpress Pro

Heat plate size 22,5 x 22,5 cm 22 x 30 cm 38 x 38cm
Max. temperature 200 °C 220 °C 220 °C
Dimensions Closed (LxWxH) 29 x 29 x 12,5 cm 37 x 31 x 25 cm 54 x 38,5 x 40cm
Dimensions Opened (LxWxH) 7 x 31 x 52cm 54 x 38,5 x 76cm
Adjustable pressure
Automatic  pressure  distribution ?
Suitable for iron-on foils
Suitable for sublimation
English manual
Weight 2,945 kg 10,75 kg 32 kg
Power 850 W 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Scope of delivery
• iXpress transfer press
• Silicone mat
• Heat resistant tray
• Non-stick film
• User manual
• iXpress Plus tranfer press
• power cord
• Silicone mat with cover
• instruction manual
• iXpress Pro Transfer Press
• power cord
• Silicone mat with cover
• instruction manual

Transfer presses and accessories