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With the help of transfer foils you can transfer or press on multi-part designs in one step. We sell suitable transfer foils for different materials.

Mit dieser Transferfolie können Sie Motive aus Aufbügelfolie einfach positionieren.

plottiX Transfer material for textile foils DIN A4

Use this transfer film to transfer iron-on foils without their own carrier on your textiles! The transfer material is heat resistant and can therefore also be used to press on your foils.


  • 20 x 30 cm
plottiX Starkklebende Transferfolie – zum Übertragen von Spezialfolien

plottiX High-Tack Transferfoil

plottiX High-Tack Transferfoil – for transferring special foils.

Transfer your adhesive foil designs easily with the High-Tack Transferfoil from plottiX! In one step even more complex or multi-part designs are transferred quickly and easily

Not suitable for permanent and wall tattoo vinyl foil.

Available in

  • 30cm x 20cm

plottiX Transferfoil for vinylfoil

With the plottiX transfer film you can easily apply vinyl foils to different surfaces. This means that even more complex or multi-part designs can be easily transferred in one step.

This saves time and makes decorating different surfaces easier in no time.

We recommend our plottiX transfer film for plottiX permanent vinyl film.

Available in

  • 21 x 31,5 cm (Lose)
  • 10 m x 31,5 cm
  • 1 m x 31,5 cm
  • 63 cm x 3 m


The colors shown may differ from the original and are for guidance only.