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What is sublimation?

Sublimation is about special colors (inks) which can be transferred to different surfaces by means of heat.

Which surfaces can be refined?
A big advantage of sublimation is that you are extremely flexible! Regardless of whether textiles or smooth surfaces, this process only requires the condition that your item is made of a polyester-coated material (at least 80% polyester).

  • Space-saving & flexible: You don’t need a new film for each color (e.g. iron-on film) and can spontaneously implement new designs & patterns
  • Time-saving
  • Transfer of photos is super easy
  • More comfortable to wear textiles
  • Color gradients and multi-colored motifs in one step
  • Scratch-resistant motifs
  • Freehand your own motifs Draw with sublimation pens – and transfer them later

Polyester-coated surfaces (at least 80% polyester content) are available in a variety of different shapes and materials.

  • Pillow cases (also with sequins)
  • Shirts & other clothing
  • Mugs
  • Keychains
  • Bags
  • Coasters and much more!

This is required

  • A transfer press / possibly also a mug press
  • Your design
  • A sublimation printer with sublimation ink and printer paper to refine
  • Your textile / surface (polyester-coated material with at least 80% polyester content)
  • Heat-resistant adhesive tape

Step 1

First, print out your design with a sublimation printer and ink on suitable paper.

Make sure that fonts have to be mirrored before printing.

Befestigen Sie Ihr Motiv an der Passenden Stelle.Step 2

Put your design on your your surface. Please attach cups or similar with heat-resistant adhesive tape.

Mit einer Tassenpresse können Sie Ihr Design auf Ihre Tassen übertragen.

Step 3

Now your design can be transferred using heat. Use a heat press for textiles or a mug press for cups for optimal transfer.

Verwenden Sie die vom Hersteller empfohlene Temperatur & Presszeit.

Step 4

Attention, your object and the sublimation paper are still hot. Wait until these have cooled down before removing / inspecting them.

You can also use heat-resistant gloves.

Now your surface has been refined with the new motif! It works that simple! We wish you a lot of fun and great creative ideas!

Dekorieren Sie unterschiedliche Gegenstände.


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