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The plottiX transfer press

Do you have enough plotter material? – Excellent!
Press your iron-on foils on your textiles even faster and more easily with our transfer press.

This is how easy and clean you can embellish your favorite clothes. Thanks to the simple and space-saving design, the iXpress heat press can be stowed away quickly.

Also for sublimation

Use the iXpress our our mug press for sublimation too!

Tassenpressen Einsatz für plottiX Tassenpresse

Attachment for plottix mug press

With the inserts you can now work even more flexibly with the plottiX cup press. In minutes these inserts are exchanged.

Embellish different cups and mugs according to your ideas*

Available for following mug sizes:

  • Cone cups (12oz)
  • Small cups (10oz)
  • Medium cups (11oz) – This insert is included with the purchase of a plottiX cup press.

Download instructions for changing the attachments.

*Cups and mugs must be suitable for sublimation. Learn more here.

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Die kleine Transferpresse von plottiX eignet sich super für kleinere oder schwer erreichbare Oberflächen.

iXpress Mini heat press

Available in 2021

The iXpress Mini heat press is ideal for pressing on small motifs.
Especially on smaller corners, between buttons, seams, it can be easily used to achieve optimal results. Small areas such as stuffed animals, baby shoes or hats can be finished with the iXpress Mini.

With the help of the five different heat setting options,  you can find the right temperature for your foils.

The heat-resistant tray helps you work with your materials. The iXpress Mini can be placed there to cool down or between pressing processes.

The iXpress Mini is compatible with our plottiX iron-on films and sublimation material.

• Apply your iron-on foils easily
• Simple and easy in use
• Five temperature settings
• Universally applicable
• Compact design
• Perfect for small surfaces

Press size: 10 x 5 x 7,5 cm
Heat plate size: 5 x 10 cm
Input power: 150 W

Download manual

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Verschönern Sie mithilfe von Sublimation Ihre Tassen mit tollen Motiven!

plottiX mug press

 The plottiX mug press!

Sublimation made easy for your cups with polyester coating. Transfer your own designs directly onto your mug with the help of sublimation foils!

Multi-colored in one step
Multi-colored and complex designs can be easily sublimated onto your mug.

Save money & be flexible
With the mug press you can realize colorful designs. This flexibility gives you even more freedom. So it will no longer happen that you do not have the right color on hand or have to buy more.

The plottiX iXpress is required for use. First, connect your mug press to the plottiX transfer press. With this you can set the temperature and time for the sublimation process.

You need the following additional materials :

  • Mug with polyester coating
  • Printed sublimation paper or foil with your design
  • Heat-resisting adhesive tape recommended

Download operating instructions

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plottiX heat press pillow

Would you like to embellish a jacket with an individual plot and the zipper interferes during the transfer process? – Then the heat press pillow is just right for you!

The heat press pillow helps to compensate the height difference of a zipper, button or simply a thick seam so that the transfer press can evenly press your plot onto the textile.

Here how it works:

  1. Place your heat press pillow under the textile (or also in the textile, for example with a jacket)
  2. Then position your design on the textile.
  3. We now recommend placing a antistick sheet above the design to protect the transfer press.
  4. You can now start your pressing process.
    During the pressing process, the zipper, the button or a thicker seam is pressed into the heat press pillow below, so that the heat of the press can have an even effect on the plot.
  • 20 cm x 20 cm
  • 20 cm x 30 cm
  • 38 cm x 38 cm
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Heat-resistant non-stick film

Format: 29 x 29 cm

If the design is placed incorrectly, your transfer press will not be damaged or soiled thanks to the non-stick film. Thus, the non-stick film protects your design and your heat press.


  • Position your design on your textile.
  • Place the non-stick film over your design.
  • Use your heat press as usual. The heat-resistant non-stick film remains between your design and the transfer press during the pressing process.
  • Remove the non-stick film again after the pressing process. (Caution: risk of burns)
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Transfer press

The transfer press from plottiX is great for applying all types of iron-on foils to textiles. It does not only convince with its compact design but also with its user-friendly operation.

Simply apply iron-on foils

  • Very easy operation
  • Press you designs on with exact temperature: temperature adjustable (100-200 ° C)
  • Timer function for the perfect pressing time (1-300sec.)
  • 22.5 x 22.5 cm non-stick pressing surface
  • Space-saving power: 850 W

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x iXpress heat press
  • 1 x silicone mat
  • 1 x heat-resistant shelf
  • 1 x heat-resistant non-stick film
  • 1 x user manual (download)

Find all temperatures and information about the pressing time for our iron-on foils here.

You can get these articles separately:

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